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Our Trophy fees are as follows:


Addax $5,750
Axis $3,000
Gemsbok $8,000
Scimitar Oryx $4,750
Scimbok $4,750  


Management Bucks (Guides choice/Day hunt) $2,250 + 150 a day guide fee preferably hunt in October. We are MLD 3 & can hunt from October 1- February 28.***Non hunters & guest $150 a day



↓140" $2,500
140-159" $4,500
160-179" $7,000
180-199" $8,500
200-219" $10,000
220" P.O.R.


Any Blood Counts As A Kill.  Blood, hair, or horn.

** Prices may vary for all exotics

After all scores are gross SCI

All hunters must sign a release form.  Hunters may bring their own alcoholic beverages to celebrate after the hunt!


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